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Practice: Split Inversions

This is my current practice routine on the #fretless #bass. Triads in split inversions. Here in the keys of Db and E. Starting in 70bpm increasing by 5bpm every eight bar.

Morning workout

Giving those split inversions a go. Just found the #iReal software, a great practice tool. And once again I reinvent my practice routine, and getting better by the day.

The summer trinity

Sunshine, a @Unicornbass and headphones from @Grado what else could you ask for?

All of Me – Lianda Van Der Schilden feat. Jonny Trobro

A cover of John Legend’s All of Me.

Technical stuff:
UNICORNbass fretless Ozellman 5-string
FEAlabs Dual Band Compressor
TC Electronic Flashback Mini
Jule Amps Monique
Apogee Digital Duet II
Presonus Studio One

Rehearsal booked

Cool news, once again I’ll hook up with my favourite drummer to play music the old school way. You know, actual meet people and play in the same room together kinda way. Not sending files through the cloud.

This will be a guitar based jazz-fusion trio right up the Pat Metheny alley. Looking forward to give the fretless Unicorn a ride out in the open…

A new little friend

It was time for the Ditto looper to get a little friend. Just got the brand new Flashback Mini from TC Electronic. Just need a good 8va now and I’m all set.

37C at 140bpm

To hot to be inside practicing today, so let’s move outside into the sun and speed up the “Chord Studies” to 140bpm. This book actually makes more sense on the E-C tuning than it did on the standard 4-string.

If you love somebody…

…set them free.

The Darkglass B7K was the beginning of my renewed interest in bass pedals. And I still love it, but I nearly never use it anymore. Partly because I prefer the Vintage Microtubes also from Darkglass, when it’s time to dirt things up. So it’s time for this one to find a new home.
Just dropped it off for review, so maybe it have a new home after the weekend,

Flex Pitching Score

This is such a great feature in Logic Pro X. Flex Pitch, and I’m not using it to fake my fretless intonation. I use it to extract MIDI data from my audio and from the MIDI print out the music score. From idea to printed music in seconds.

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