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Practice: Split Inversions

This is my current practice routine on the #fretless #bass. Triads in split inversions. Here in the keys of Db and E. Starting in 70bpm increasing by 5bpm every eight bar.

Rehearsal booked

Cool news, once again I’ll hook up with my favourite drummer to play music the old school way. You know, actual meet people and play in the same room together kinda way. Not sending files through the cloud.

This will be a guitar based jazz-fusion trio right up the Pat Metheny alley. Looking forward to give the fretless Unicorn a ride out in the open…


When we put something together there is, no matter what we like to think, a voice for it all. This song, is so pretty, so clear, so beautiful, so beautifully executed. It certainly part of what I had in my head. Thank you for sharing it Jonny
– Jule Potter from Jule Amps on the song “In My Head”

“The bassplayer Jonny Trobro’s driving and noticeably playing provides a necessary foundation that is normally lacking in the genre”

- Rocknytt

”The current bass part doesn’t groove. It just sounds like a keyboard player trying to emulate a bad perception of slap bass, something most people think is the equivalent to funk” – Jonny Trobro to Peter Bennborn during the sessions for Never turn me down.

Don’t miss the article in the latest edition of Swedish music mag “Studio“.


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