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When we put something together there is, no matter what we like to think, a voice for it all. This song, is so pretty, so clear, so beautiful, so beautifully executed. It certainly part of what I had in my head. Thank you for sharing it Jonny
– Jule Potter from Jule Amps on the song “In My Head”

In My Head – Lianda Van Der Schilden feat. Jonny Trobro

First song played on “The Fretless Wonder”, the 5-string Ozellman fretless bass by UNICORNbass.
Bass played through the FEAlabs DB-CL compressor and Jule Amps Monique all tube preamp.

Cut the Line

Do you remember a while ago when I was experimenting with dual parallel distortion pedals from Darkglass Electronics?

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