Walking in Silence – Sooner or Later

This, the third song, by the Walking in Silence project brings something new to the listeners and fans. A solo duel between Mikko on his Godin guitar and me on my fretless UNICORNbass. I never played a solo part on the fretless before and put in some serious woodshedding to pull it off. And what a great outcome,  enjoy!

And there it is! The fretless bass solo is finally recorded. 👍🏻🎶 #fretlessbass #jazzpopsoulfusion

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  • Vocals: Oniels
  • Bass, Keyboards, Programming: Jonny Trobro
  • Guitars: Mikko Hildén 

Written by Jonny Trobro and Oniels
Recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio One by Jonny Trobro

The bass used on this track is a fretless Ozellman 5-string from UNICORNbass, recorded through a Monique tube preamp from Jule Amps and the Boss BC-1x.